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China Meiyi Co.,Ltd is a leading Chinese manufacturer of steel corrugated pipes, which is located beside the attractive state-level nature reserves Hengshui Lake in Hebei Province. With a profound history, Hengshui Lake nurtures a number of outstanding talents and prominent enterprises due to the convenient transportation around it and its advantageous geographical location of 280km from the Port of Tianjin. China Meiyi is one of those enterprises. Based on expert technical support and guided by the Belt and Road Initiatives, China Meiyi is dedicated to products quality and provides superior customer service worldwide.       

China Meiyi is mainly engaged in producing corrugated steel pipes, being buried in the road or under the railway culvert to replace cement pipes and utilized for ease of handling and installation from drainage systems and culverts with low construction cost and advanced environmentally friendly techniques. Coated with zinc to be corrosion-resistant, the steel enables pipes provide a service life of 80-100 years. Pipes are available in diameters ranging from 0.5m to 12m, as well as wall thickness from 1.6mm to 7mm. The product can handle fill height in 0.5-60m, with a variety of corrugation to meet specific job site needs. Each of our pipe solutions are designed for specific service requirements of transportation, water conservancy works, bridge construction, and other infrastructure projects. 

It is a great pleasure for us to provide cost-effective engineered solutions that help build, support, and sustain your projects while ensuring the best interests of relevant parties. We will also adhere to the customer-focused policy to provide the best consumer service during your entire project.

What We Offer

quality products

The company has consistently adhered to the quality of first.

thoughtful service

If anything happended after you bought it,you can contact us.

standard construction

we have skillful workers who can ensure the quality of the project.

low environment require

Excellent adaptation to foundation deformation.low requirements for bearing capacity and planeness of soil foundations.

Shorter working periods

Shorter working periods, as the project construction and pipe assembly can be carried out separately.

good performance

Providing solutions, especially for the damage to bridges and culvert caused by frost in north cold regions.

prevent deformation

Even distribution of load pressure to prevent deformation.

easy to install

Standardized design to ensure efficient production and straightforward installation within shorter production period.

low maintenance costs

Improve the comfort and safety of driving, and reduce post-construction operation and maintenance costs.

Steel corrugated pipe culvert

Steel corrugated pipe culvert is using corrugated tube or corrugated board by connecting, assembled to form a form of culvert, to replace cement pipe culvert traffic and drainage materials, surface after galvanized anti-corrosion treatment, the service life of up to 50-100 years, the corrugated shape can effectively solve the failure problem caused by uneven settlement of foundation, its cylindrical shape stress can be more evenly.And can solve the low temperature weather to the culvert damage, and the cost is very low.Its diameter range is 0.3-12m, the thickness is 1.6mm-7mm, with different specifications of corrugated, meet the filling of 0.5-60m thickness.

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