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Steel bellows material introduction

Steel bellows material introductionThe material of steel corrugated culvert pipemainly c


Anticorrosive Mechanism for Assembling Corrugated Metal Pipes by Meiyi

Hot dipping galvanizing is commonly adopted to process pipe joints and plates of corruga


Culvert Pipe

A culvert refers to a structure that is buried underground. It may be made from a pipe o


There are different requirements for steel bellows culvert construction under different conditions

Steel bellows culvert in various conditions of construction, there are different require


Technical standards for steel bellows culverts

1. Steel plate material: Q235 or SS400 hot-rolled steel plate2. Steel plate thickness: 2


Corrugated pipe culvert in permafrost engineering advantages

The corrugated pipe culvert is used in the northeast permafrost region, and its advanta


Anti-corrosion Requirements of Corrugated Metal Pipes

1. The surface of corrugated metal pipes will mainly be corroded by soil, and the inner


Features of Corrugated Steel Pipes

It is beneficial for enterprises to apply corrugated steel pipes with flexibility and hi


How to install the corrugated metal pipe in culverts

1. Construction in reinforced round concrete culverts1) Excavation is manually-operated