Anti-corrosion Requirements of Corrugated Metal Pipes

1. The surface of corrugated metal pipes will mainly be corroded by soil, and the inner side is under corrosion danger of water and atmosphere. Therefore, more attention should be given to soil corrosion and water corrosion.

2. Materials, data and anti-corrosion performance of all kinds should be taken into consideration when selecting materials, and the applicable work experience and working procedures should be fully utilized.

3. The policy of prevention in the first place and integrating prevention with control should be followed. Anti-corrosion treatment need to be adapted according to specific conditions of corrosion, environment, management of production and operation, as well as construction and maintenance conditions, etc. Major protection should be considered for parts of endangering personal safety or important load-bearing structures and components.

4. Corrosive environmental conditions should be fully understood, which consist of the following aspects.

a. Chemical factors: the composition of the medium (including impurities), pH value, oxygen content, possible chemical reactions, and so on.
b. Physical factors: temperature, flow rate, heat of the medium, heat dissipation conditions, and types and sizes of force. Above all, environmental conditions such as high temperature, low temperature, high pressure, vacuum, impact load, and alternating stress are major factors.
c. Design: to design the anti-corrosion structure, it is necessary to consider whether the structure and the shape of the components and their combinations meet the requirements for anti-corrosion, the requirements of preventing various types of partial corrosion.
5. Anti-corrosion should be a priority when choose material or design the structure. We can start from the following two aspects in particular:
a. Select suitable materials and anti-corrosion methods and consider the service life of the structure. Manage the relationship between anti-corrosion and the efficiency and economy as well.
b. Damage or anti-corrosion measures during the installation process should also be fully considered by noticing the fatigue limit under both stress and corrosion, as well as the stress loss caused by corrosion of the joint.