There are different requirements for steel bellows culvert construction under different conditions

Steel bellows culvert in various conditions of construction, there are different requirements. Let's find out:

  1. elevations are construction can winter construction, not affected by the climate, after entering the winter, the vast area of cold in the north of China, construction of slab culvert or because the temperature is too low, stone arch culvert can lead to different degree of damage, short in construction time limit for a project, the conditions, under the condition of using steel corrugated pipe culvert can easily overcome various difficulties in construction.

  2. simple service road construction in some rivers and bridge construction, building materials must across a river transportation, also need to delivery after the completion of the bridge foundation bearing beam in the future, so you have to build temporary service road, with convenient transportation, but sometimes the Hanoi flowing throughout the year, difficult construction conditions, using steel corrugated pipe culvert, pour into expressed in Hanoi, and 30 cm gravel cushion rolling compaction, tube side and top pouring concrete, compared with the concrete Bridges, which shortens the time limit for a project, and reduced the cost. Compared with the pontoon bridge, the safety and bearing capacity are also greatly improved.

    3. the coal mining area construction, restricted by mining conditions, underground mining can cause varying degrees of decline on the ground, uneven settlement, the general concrete structure crack `, dislocation caused by the varying degree damage, metal corrugated culvert pipe is a kind of flexible structure, steel corrugated pipe culvert has excellent characteristics of lateral displacement of compensation in the structure, can give full play to the steel tensile performance is strong, the characteristics of deformation of superior performance, has greater resistance to deformation and subsidence resistance, especially suitable for soft soil, expansive soil, collapsible loess foundation bearing capacity is low, such as region and in earthquake-prone areas.The bituminous coating on site after connecting with the pipe can completely avoid perennial blisters and acid-base soil erosion, and ensure the service life and safety of personnel and equipment.

    4. In some areas, the sudden rainstorm is more frequent, which is easy to cause damage to bridge and culvert structures. Concrete structures cannot be reused after being washed away. New culverts must be built. The construction takes a long time.

  5. culverts repair in some special area and location, due to the uneven settlement on the culvert, different degrees of damage, if dug out in a high fill location to repair period is long, interrupt influence of traffic on the road, and increase the cost, if use cement pipe construction more difficult, round pipe culvert among old arch culvert filling cement mortar with difficulty. Corrugated culvert pipe can be used to advance the culvert after it is connected, and there is no gap at the connection; Open holes on the side of the pipe to fill the flaked stone and spray mortar to increase the integrity of the pipe culvert and the original culvert; In addition, the corrugated culvert pipe is light and convenient for construction. During the construction, the foundation is cleared while pushing, so as to ensure the safety of the construction personnel.