Culvert Pipe

A culvert refers to a structure that is buried underground. It may be made from a pipe or reinforced concrete. Metal is also a major material for some small-sized culvert pipes.

The culvert pipe can be generally used in a water pipeline, and sometimes as water diversion under the whole section of the cofferdam. At present, most of culvert pipes used for water supply and drainage in China are made of cement.


Corrugated Metal Pipe

The corrugated metal pipe, a kind of pipe made of corrugated metal sheets with a thickness of 2.5-7.0mm by rolling or assembling, performs well in the rigidity and stress tolerance. The culvert formed by corrugated metal pipes is called corrugated culvert.

Hot dipping galvanizing is commonly adopted to process pipe joints and plates of corrugated metal pipes to prevent against corrosion. The average thickness of the galvanized layer is 84μm or more.

Compared with reinforced concrete pipes, corrugated metal pipes enjoy advantages of less thickness, more lightness, more convenient transportation, easies installation and shorter construction period.

This kind of pipe can be assembled into any length as needed and the joint can be removed and installed to other places for construction. The pipes demonstrate significant superiority in areas where there is no sandstone material or where the bearing capacity of the foundation is low.

The structure is flexible with a certain seismic resistance and can adapt to a major foundation deformation. However, its price is considerably affected by the steel price as more steel will be involved in the process than building concrete pipes.


Corrugated metal pipes have been extensively used in highway, railway and housing construction projects abroad. Some developed countries not only have factories that manufacture those pipes, but some countries also have issued specifications and regulations for their design and construction. Domestic manufacturers imported corrugated metal pipes before the establishment of new China, while factories specializing in the production of these pipes have also been founded. Given many benefits of such pipes and world-class output of steel in China, the future of corrugated metal pipes is very bright here.


Several versions of corrugated metal pipes

Corrugated metal pipe is another name for the culvert pipe. It is also known as metal corrugated culvert pipe, corrugated steel pipe, corrugated steel plate structure, or steel corrugated pipe.